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Aside from being a near-perfect doppelganger for me, Tai Lopez has been an inspiration in my quest for financial freedom.
You can hate the guy for filling your YouTube sessions with his now famous "Here in my garage" ads but you cannot knock him for knowing what HE is about and what he wants in this life.
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Howrse is an online video game about horses, all the different breeds and kinds that you can imagine. It was released back in 2005 by Owlient, a subsidiary company of Ubisoft. It involves genetics, where you can breed virtual horses, as well as ponies to achieve hundreds of thousands of combinations. Users can be able to select various kinds of horses to breed, as well as the gender, to the type of horses that they like. You can also be able to manage an equestrian estate, where you name your horse, and as it grows, there are more activities that you can do, such as training, galloping as well as dressage.

When you register for this game, you get to choose a horse of your liking with a favorite color, gender, and even the breed. Once you are done with all that, you will be given several quests where you will be guided as a player on how to look after your horse, where it has hints, tips, rewards as well as great bonuses. You can also be able to stable your horse at an Equestrian center, where you can also get free items and bonuses. The free items allow you to enter into competitions, where you can get rewards inform of currency, known as Equus. This is the currency used in the game, where you can spend it on a variety of items that you will need through the game, such as food, tack, or even saddles for your horse. You can also be able to purchase other horses to breed with. You can also be able to purchase Howrse passes, but only at a certain point in the game. As a player, you will also find a job marketplace, where you can get various kinds of jobs as you look after the horses. They are temporary, so you may be prompted to look for another when one ends. However, you can use Howrse passes as a shortcut to complete the special items in the game, or the training and feeding jobs. The passes can be purchased through the game directly.

Key Points to Note
Howrse as a free online game also has online forums, where the players can be able to interact, discuss and learn from each other about the hints, cheats and cheat codes, tricks in the game among others. In this game, you can also be able to control other horses, not just your own horse. There is also no limit to the amount you can make and you can be able to design backgrounds or layouts, which are also created by other players and put to be free to use by any player.

Since its release in 2005, Howrse has grown into an awesome game and has stood the test of time. It mainly targets a young audience between the age brackets of 10-23 years of age. It is however important to follow the rules of the game, such as how to use the Howrse passes, or otherwise you risk a chance of being thrown out of the game. The game boasts of amazing and high-quality pictures, and therefore a beautiful game.
<![CDATA[Using Hack or Cheats for Howrse?]]>Thu, 19 Nov 2015 05:32:52 GMThttp://wisfatbikeracing.weebly.com/blog/using-hack-or-cheats-for-howrseIt's no wonder that online hack tools such as this Howrse hack are booming at such a rapid rate. In case you are unaware, these hacks (or cheats) allow players to obtain the game currency or resources for practically nothing. They sometimes ask for an offer to be completed but despite this, they help players save money in the long run.

It does not take long playing Howrse for one to realize that the game relies heavily on micro-transactions (or in-game purchases) to be profitable for its publisher Owlient.
Players are subtly coerced into using their credit cards to buy Equus and Passes, or else their progression in the game is going to be incredibly slow. I have seen this happening with many other games in recent years. Mobile games from Google Play or the iTunes App Store have mastered this art entirely. Offer a game for free, get the players hooked and build a passionate community. Then use game mechanics to push them to spend real money on virtual resources. BRILLIANT!
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Tools that I use
Wacom Intuos tablet
Adobe Photoshop CS6
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